Amount of Vitamin D in Papayas, raw

Fruits and Fruit Juices

In 100 g (Grams) of Papayas, raw there is 0 IU of Vitamin D. Change amount

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient present in many other foods. The below table lists foods high in Vitamin D other than Papayas, raw.

Fish oil, cod liver 10000 IU
Mushrooms, brown, italian, or crimini, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw 1276 IU
Mushrooms, portabella, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw 1135 IU
Mushrooms, maitake, raw 1123 IU
Fish, halibut, Greenland, raw 1097 IU
Mushroom, white, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw 1046 IU
Fish, mackerel, salted 1006 IU
Fish, carp, raw 988 IU
Fish, eel, mixed species, raw 932 IU
Salmon, sockeye, canned, drained solids, without skin and bones 859 IU
Fish, salmon, sockeye, canned, drained solids 841 IU
Salmon, sockeye, canned, total can contents 761 IU
Fish, trout, rainbow, farmed, cooked, dry heat 759 IU
Fish, salmon, chinook, smoked 685 IU
Fish, salmon, sockeye, cooked, dry heat 670 IU
Fish, swordfish, cooked, dry heat 666 IU
Fish, mackerel, Atlantic, raw 643 IU
Fish, sturgeon, mixed species, smoked 642 IU
Fish, trout, rainbow, farmed, raw 635 IU
Steelhead trout, dried, flesh (Shoshone Bannock) 628 IU
Papayas, raw

Papayas, raw is a type of Fruits and Fruit Juices. The most significant nutrients in Papayas, raw are listed below.

Water 88.06 g 88.06%
Energy (calorie) 43 kcal
Energy (joule) 179 kJ
Protein 0.47 g 0.47%
Total lipid (fat) 0.26 g 0.26%
Ash 0.39 g 0.39%
Carbohydrate, by difference 10.82 g 10.82%
Fiber, total dietary 1.7 g 1.7%
Sugars, total 7.82 g 7.82%
Sucrose 0 g
Glucose (dextrose) 4.09 g 4.09%
Fructose 3.73 g 3.73%
Lactose 0 g
Maltose 0 g
Galactose 0 g
Starch 0 g
Calcium, Ca 20 mg 0.02%
Iron, Fe 0.25 mg
Magnesium, Mg 21 mg 0.02%
Phosphorus, P 10 mg 0.01%

Nutrients in Papayas, raw