Amount of Energy (joule) in Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork

Sausages and Luncheon Meats

In 100 g (Grams) of Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork there is 1364 kJ of Energy (joule). Change amount

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Energy (joule)

Energy (joule) is a nutrient present in many other foods. The below table lists foods high in Energy (joule) other than Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork.

Fish oil, cod liver 3774 kJ
Fat, beef tallow 3774 kJ
Lard 3774 kJ
Fish oil, herring 3774 kJ
Fish oil, menhaden 3774 kJ
Fish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated 3774 kJ
Fish oil, salmon 3774 kJ
Fish oil, sardine 3774 kJ
Fat, turkey 3767 kJ
Fat, goose 3767 kJ
Shortening industrial, lard and vegetable oil 3766 kJ
Shortening frying (heavy duty), beef tallow and cottonseed 3766 kJ
Oil, industrial, canola, high oleic 3766 kJ
Oil, industrial, soy, low linolenic 3766 kJ
Oil, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking 3766 kJ
Shortening, household, lard and vegetable oil 3766 kJ
Fat, chicken 3766 kJ
Butter, Clarified butter (ghee) 3766 kJ
Oil, beluga, whale (Alaska Native) 3766 kJ
Oil, walrus (Alaska Native) 3766 kJ
Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork

Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork is a type of Sausages and Luncheon Meats. The most significant nutrients in Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork are listed below.

Water 52.1 g 52.1%
Energy (calorie) 326 kcal
Energy (joule) 1364 kJ
Protein 14.1 g 14.1%
Total lipid (fat) 28.5 g 28.5%
Ash 3.1 g 3.1%
Carbohydrate, by difference 2.2 g 2.2%
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Calcium, Ca 26 mg 0.03%
Iron, Fe 6.4 mg 0.01%
Magnesium, Mg 12 mg 0.01%
Phosphorus, P 230 mg 0.23%
Potassium, K 170 mg 0.17%
Sodium, Na 860 mg 0.86%
Zinc, Zn 2.3 mg
Copper, Cu 0.24 mg
Manganese, Mn 0.155 mg
Selenium, Se 58 µg
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 0 mg
Thiamin 0.272 mg

Nutrients in Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork