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42inch pizza oven
Building plans PDFBuilding plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven.pdf


Concrete slab1300 x 1200 x 100mm
Foundation (Besser block)4.5 x 4.5 x 4 besser blocks. 1300 x 1200 x 800mm (1755 x 1755 x 760mm without mortar joins)
Hearth foundation (Concrete)1200 x 1200 x 100mm
Hearth diameter35" diameter (900mm)
Hearth surface area1,385inch2 (8,824cm2)
Vault height18" (460mm)
Door height11" (280mm)
Door width16" (410mm)
Flue opening400 x 200mm
Chimney4" diameter by 2' long.
Besser block190 x 190 x 390mm
Fire brick76 x 230 x 110mm
Fire brick half76 x 115 x 110mm


General purpose concrete mix38 bags
Reinforcing steel bar32m
Cement sheeting2m2
Scrap wood for the temporary cement dam6m
General purpose mortar mix10 bags
Besser blocks (190 x 190 x 390mm)60
Steel lintel2m
Fire brick (76 x 230 x 110mm) (hearth and door)100
Fire brick half (76 x 115 x 110mm) (dome)150
Insulating fire blanket2m2
Vermiculite5 100L bags
Finishing tiles or paint5m2


  1. 1 Wheel barrow
  2. 1 Concrete mixer
  3. 1 Shovel
  4. 1 Hammer
  5. 1 Non-rebounding rubber mallet
  6. 1 Chalk line
  7. 1 Circular saw (Cutting wood and bricks)
  8. 1 Grinder (Cutting reinforcement steel and besser blocks)
  9. 1 Builders level
  10. 1 Measuring tape
  11. 1 Bricklayers trowel
  12. 1 1/4" by 1/4" (1cm by 1cm) square notched trowel
  13. 1 Builders pencil and paper
  14. 1 Bucket, 1 brush and 1 sponge
  15. Safety equipment. eg. Gloves, dust mask, eye protection, ear protection
  16. Tile saw or tile cutter (If tiling the oven surface)
  17. Paint brush (If painting the oven surface)


Step 1Level the ground and place reinforcing steel bars. Lay a 1800 x 1800 x 100mm concrete foundation.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step1.webp
Step 2Lay a 1800 x 1800 x 600mm square of bessa blocks three bricks high. On the front side leave a 1.5 brick gap in the middle to allow for access.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step2.webp
Step 3Place steel lintels across the bessa block gap and then lay the top layer of bessa blocks.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step3.webp
Step 4Place cement sheeting across the center 1400 x 1400 space. Place reinforcing steel bars over the cement sheeting. Create a temporary wood dam around the void to contain the cement. Lay a 1400 x 1400 x 100mm concrete foundation. Lay an additional 1400 x 1400 x 100mm vermiculite cement mix foundation for under the hearth.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step4.webp
Step 5Lay fire bricks either directly on the concrete foundation or on a thin bed of sifted sand and/or fire clay. This may be left dry or wet to make a paste.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step5.webp
Step 6Create a temporary wooden foundation in the shape of the vault. Lay the fire bricks over the temporary foundation to create the dome and entrance. Alternatively use a leveling tool to help maintain the proper brick angle.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step6.webp
Step 7Lay the additional front fire bricks to create the flue.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step7.webp
Step 8Raise and level the outside section of bessa blocks to the height of the final fire bricks.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step8.webp
Step 9Place fire blanket over the oven dome. Place a 4" (10cm) thick layer of vermiculite cement mixture (5:1) over the blanket.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step9.webp
Step 10Clad over the insulation layer and attach the chimney to the flue.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step10.webp
Step 11Finish the oven with a tiled or painted surface.Building plans for a 42 inch igloo brick pizza oven step11.webp


The creation of an under-hearth foundation that does not sit flush with the outside walls is a distinct step in this plan that is unusual from general oven foundation plans. This may be done to ease the process of creating an in hearth opening for wood ash or minimise the firebricks use. Generally it is recommended that the hearth foundation be laid to sit fully against the outside walls thus reducing the eventual finishing work required. To produce this larger foundation simply create a larger temporary wood form which sits outside and flush against the besser block walls. Support and level this form with 2" by 4" legs and shims as with the internal sheeting structure. This would result in a 1800 x 1800 x 200mm foundation rather than 1400 x 1400 x 200mm.

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Confusing.  Dimensions say the slab is 1300mm X 1200mm but Step 1 says the slab is 1800mm X 1800mm

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Steved needs new glasses