Forum / Aluminium foil brick oven


Aluminium (Aluminum) foil will commonly be used in the construction of pizza ovens as a preventative layer between the layer of cladding added on top of the cob or brick dome and insulation, and the outer layer of cladding. The aluminium is used to prevent the transfer of water from the cladding to the dried internal layer of the pizza oven. Without the aluminium layer water could be drawn from the cladding concrete causing it to dry too fast. This may increase the likelihood of cracks or weaken the cladding. Building the pizza oven oven dome generally involves these steps:

  1. Build the dome out of brick and mortar.
  2. Add a layer of insulation. eg. Fire blanketperlitevermiculite.
  3. Place aluminium foil over the layer of insulation.
  4. Place chicken wire over the foil to keep it in place.
  5. Apply a layer of cladding over the wire and foil. Cladding is generally sand, cement and builders lime.
  6. Cover the dome and allow to dry for multiple days.