Forum / Pizza oven cladding


Cladding is the final layer of a wood fired pizza oven and may be either a concrete mix, cob, or an additional layer of bricks. Cladding is placed over the final layer of oven insulation. Some people prefer the aesthetics of a brick outer layer and so will utilize fire bricks for the internal dome, and then place a final cladding layer of regular building bricks over the top of insulation. Not only is this a cheap and easy to afford option, however this also increases the amount of time that the oven will stay hot consistently. Cladding proves to be an extra heat insulation for the oven and has many advantages including:

  • Storing additional energy
  • Enabling the cooking of items requiring less heat as the cladding stores heat for a long period of time.
  • Reduces the temperature drop of the oven.
  • Aesthetically improves the appeal of the oven.
  • Protects the internal oven dome and insulation from exposure and water damage.
  • Hides minor cracks that may develop within the internal dome.