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Perlite is one of the sustainable and versatile mineral, which is widely used as insulating material. It is like amorphous silica and white to gray in color. Among other insulating materials, perlite has become most effective insulating material for its physical and chemical properties with low impact on nature. It is odorless, non-explosive and non-flammable inorganic material and does not deteriorate easily. Normally, this material is found in three different forms:

  • Fine perlite – size (0-2mm)
  • Medum perlite – size (1-3mm)
  • Horticultural perlite – size (2-5mm)

Why it is best insulating material?

In pizza oven, it is necessary to maintain high heat. To ensure no loss of heat, proper insulation is first concern in making pizza oven. Low conductivity property of perlite makes it best insulating material. The use of this mineral as insulating material in food industry is very common, and now it is one of the popular insulation materials used in pizza oven. Again, when perlite is heated, the volume increases several times than original volume. This increase may be four to twenty times but it does not conduct heat from inside to outside. Thus it works as insulating material and maintain proper heat in pizza oven.

Is there any health effect of using perlite?

Many times this question has been raised that is there any health effect of using perlite and perlite product in food industry? Many scientific research organizations have conducted researches on perlite to find out its adverse effect on health. But there is no adverse effect on human health of using perlite and perlite product. So there is no issue of bringing in mind to avoid perlite as insulating marital in pizza oven.