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A peel is a paddle type tool which is used extensively by bakers and in use with traditional wood fired pizza ovens. The tool has a long handle and flat section for the placing of pizzas or bread. Due to the high temperatures of these ovens it is imperative that the user be cautious when placing or removing food. The oven will be far too hot to allow placement by using hands alone. The peel is used by first applying flour to allow easy transference of the food on and off the tool. The bread or pizza is placed onto the peel and then placed into the oven on the hearth. Once cooked the peel can again be slid under the item for removal. Peels are generally made of wood however can sometimes have a metal surface to make them more slippery. Wood constructed peels have the benefit that although they come into contact with extreme temperature they will not remain hot enough such that they will burn skin if touched by a bare hand. Peels are used to enable:

  1. Bakers to place food far into the oven where it would not otherwise be accessible.
  2. Bakers to prevent themselves from being burnt.
  3. Allows for delicate bread or pizza to be transferred to within the oven whereas if handled by hand it would deform the surface.