Forum / Dome wood fired pizza ovens


A brick pizza oven dome is usually constructed as either an igloo or barrel dome. Both shapes are constructed in much the same fashion with bricks, mortar and usually with a supporting frame. Construction of an igloo dome does not necessarily require a frame if completed by a competent brick layer. Fireclay or refractory mortar is not normally required. Some cracks may develop with regular building mortar however these will be within the oven and not readily noticeable.

Internal brick wall
  1. Construct a supporting frame for the bricks to lay against. This may be made as with the cob dome out of wet sand and newspaper. Alternatively you can use scrap wood to make the shape.
  2. Mix the mortar to the correct ratio and a workable consistency, and begin laying bricks at the base of the oven structure. Ensure you closely follow the outline of your supporting frame structure. Keep in mind that the outside of this structure will not be visible so concentrate on the aesthetics of the internal wall.
  3. Continue laying bricks until your supporting structure is covered.
  4. Ideally your oven's vent should be placed in front of the oven door. Begin construction of the hood oven the front of the oven door leaving a hole for the chimney.

After constructing the internal brick wall you will need to cover the brick with an insulation layer to further improve the heat retaining properties of the oven.