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When building a pizza oven, brick is the usually-sought material. It comes in the form of a block made from kneaded clay, lime and sand or concrete materials. Bricks are either air dried or fire hardened. As fired bricks are the most common and largely produced type of bricks, they are mostly used in the construction of pizza oven. Bricks are easy to set. Though they come in different sizes as their relatively sizes range from 7 x 3 x 2 inches to 9 x 5 x 3 inches, they are manageable to handle in terms of laying in the construction of pizza oven.

By quick look, you might think that laying bricks in making pizza oven need an expert mason to come up with almost- perfect dome. But having the right structural plan or design, determination and patience, you can lay bricks like a real mason. If you are in quandary about structure design for your pizza oven, you can always turn to online search. By it you can make a well meditated pizza oven design synthesizing all the ideas taken from the variety of designs in the different online sites.

In normal condition, the laying of bricks to form the dome is made easy by having a wooden stripped precast form as support and guide. In doing brick setting, patience is an important factor as you need to set the brick piece by piece in a very slow but concise manner by observing the right measurement of the arch. As to the worry how to get the precast form when the dome is completely laid or covered with bricks, you don’t have to bother with it.The precast is left as it is placed. The constant firing of the pizza oven will eventually turn the wooden stripped precast into ashes. The precast at the entrance of the hearth can be dismantled after curing period as it can be done with ease.