Forum / Pizza oven final finish


Categorically speaking, the final finishing step in pizza oven construction is your first fire and drying the oven, but what will you be drying if you don’t have a right oven? In building your pizza oven, every step of the process is essential as it marks a progression, and the final finish is just a step in that conglomerate process.

After gathering your materials, the first step in construction of the pizza oven is building the foundation. But if you are racing against time, then you can start by forming the concrete slab. After the foundation, build the way to about 20 cm then place the slab. After the slab, place start the pizza oven by placing the hearth fire bricks. Then build the dome. After the dome, insulate it them do cement rendering.

At this point, you can do your first fire. Be sure to do it effectively to ensure effective drying. It is wise to leave the oven to dry sufficiently before the first fire.