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Pizza baking is not simple like bread or biscuit baking. In pizza oven, you have to maintain proper temperature for baking pizza with highest quality and attractive appearance. For checking temperature inside of oven, you have to install temperature gauge. But it is an issue where it will be installed in pizza oven?

Inside dome temperature is prime concern in baking of pizza. Nowadays, you will get temperature gauge with long probe and ceramic sleeve. Temperature gauge includes thermometer, monitor and probe. If you fix ceramic sleeve on outside dome wall, you will able to check the temperature easily from there. Thermometer will be hung on inside dome-wall for measuring temperature, and it will be shown in monitor placed on outside dome-wall.

After observing temperature, you have to take decision that what amount wood required to get sufficient heat for pizza baking. By this way, you can set temperature gauge on pizza oven and maintain heat of your pizza oven.

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At what distance from bottom is best for the temperature gauge to be and how deep into the oven (close to the wall or 10cm inside).

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What is the best place to place the probe thermometer in a brick pizza oven: door or wall ?