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Vermiculite used in making pizza oven

Vermiculite is one type of natural mineral, which is classified as phyllosilicate. It is mainly hydrous and silicate material. When vermiculite is heated, it gets to expand and doesn’t conduct any heat from heat source. Vermiculite shows this exceptional property up to 1250 degree centigrade. For its exceptional property it has been used as insulating material. Nowadays, it is also used to insulate pizza oven.

Types of vermiculite

Vermiculite is classified into two major groups as follows:

1. Crude vermiculite: This vermiculite may contain contaminants and does expand. Crude vermiculite is the raw form of what exfoliated vermiculite comes from and does not contain asbestos unless it comes from a contaminated mine like the Libby mine which has been closed since the 1990's. Check with the mine or manufacturer for asbestos certificates.
2. Exfoliated vermiculite: Exfoliated vermiculite is refined and contains no contaminant. Based on weight, it is also classified into large, medium, fine, superfine and micron. This vermiculite expands when it is heated up and conducts no heat.

Which vermiculite is suitable for pizza oven?

As vermiculite is used as insulating material in pizza oven, so exfoliated vermiculite is most reliable to use. Crude vermiculite contains asbestos and conduct heat, so there is no reason of using crude vermiculite. On the other hand, exfoliated vermiculite doesn’t contain asbestos and good in the insulation. You can use micron grade of exfoliated vermiculite for your pizza oven. Again, it is available in market. Finally, exfoliated vermiculite is recommended for using in pizza oven insulation.

How you will check quality of vermiculite?

Crude and exfoliated vermiculated are found in market. Quality of vermiculite is prime concern because vermiculite insulation affects by vermiculite contaminants greatly. Asbestos is main contaminant of vermiculite. When vermiculite is heated up, it products dist of asbestos and this dust causes various health problem.

Visually, you can check the quality of this insulating material. Normally, it is golden yellow or brown in color. Sometimes, it is found in bronze yellow and greenish to blackish in color. If it contains high amount asbestos and other contaminants, it will turn into blackish in color. Golden yellowish color indicates there is no contaminant or asbestos.