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Oven cladding is the process of applying a mortar or mud material to a wood fired oven to create a thick protective outer layer which keeps heat inside the oven. This layer protects the surface from climatic conditions such as water and wind. Oven cladding may last a long time if it is installed correctly but it also depends on the type of cladding you choose for your oven. Oven cladding is very essential because it absorbs the heat inside the oven surface. The cladding layer helps to trap heat inside the oven making it remain hot for longer and avoid wastage of firewood/charcoal through excessive usage.

Pizza is a popular meal that is made inside these types of pizza ovens. This is so because the temperature is just right and this is made possible by the cladding. If the oven is unable to hold the correct temperature the pizza will be burnt or undercooked.


Cladding is generally a mixture of sand, cement, builders lime and water made to create a thick paste. The paste is applied with a bricklaying / builders trowel to the outside of the pizza oven.

Aggregate (Stones / Sand)Portland cementLime
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