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White cement

There are several ordinary cements in market and white cement is one of ordinary cements used in construction work. White cement is normally prepared from raw materials free from iron oxides, chromium, and manganese. Instead of coal, oil fuel is used for burning of white cement. White cement is normally used for plaster work, floor finish, and ornamental work. To improve your pizza oven with any adornment you can use white cement. It takes more than 30 minutes as setting time. The cost of this cement is quite more than ordinary cement for its manufacturing process and extra criteria. The miscellaneous use of white cement makes it more popular cementing agent used in contraction including making pizza oven. If you want to fix some marbles on your pizza oven, you can use this cement specially.

Sulphate resisting cement

Ordinary cement used in construction is more susceptible to attack of sulphate. Hydrates of calcium aluminium and calcium hydroxide present in ordinary cement, which reacts with sulphate ion and produce calcium aluminate and calcium sulphate respectively. This reaction results in expansion of cement paste that leads a disruption of set concrete. Only one solution of this problem is to use sulphate resisting cement. Sulphate resisting cement contains less than 5% tricalcium aluminate, which makes it more resistant to sulphate attack. So to make a pizza oven using of sulphate resisting cement is highly recommended.

Extra rapid hardening cement

This cement lowers the setting time and accelerates hardening process. This great cement gives strength about 25% more than rapid hardening cement at two days. The strength of this cement is nearly same to Portland pozzolana cement. This extra rapid hardening cement is prepared by grinding calcium chloride with Portland cement. But using limit of calcium chloride is less than 2%. The particle size of this cement will not be more than 3 microns. This cement is also recommended for pizza oven. If weather is worse and you are desired to make pizza oven, you should use this cement. One problem is that the cost of extra rapid hardening cement is quite more than other cements. If budget is not problem to you, you can use it for your own pizza oven without any tension.

Rapid hardening cement

The setting time of this cement is just same to Portland pozzolana cement. But it imparts high strength than other ordinary cements in early period of construction. This cement contains more tricalcium silicate and sometimes the amount is more than 56%. This amount of tricalcium silicate makes cement more fine grinding than other ordinary cement. Just it is quite costly for its manufacturing process and composition. In contraction work including pizza oven this cement is used widely for some extra-ordinary features as follows:

1. It sets rapidly and makes construction work rapid
2. It mortar needs to be removed which contains rapid hardening cement, it will be very easy to remove
3. It gives strength rapidly. It gives compressive strength 11.50 Pa after one day and 21 Pa after three days. Again, tensile strength will be 2 Pa after one day and 3 Pa after 3 days of construction
4. It is fine ground with light weight
5. It does not affected by moisture easily
6. As it sets quickly, in making pizza oven dome can be set up on the hearth earlier
7. Pizza oven making with this cement requires less curing (short curing period)
8. Use of rapid hardening cement allows high stress in pizza oven.

You can get this cement from any hardware shop. If you want to increase efficiency and make longer lasting pizza oven, you can use rapid hardening cement.

Quick setting cement

This cement contains small amount of aluminium sulphate, which is finely grounded. Setting action of cement depends on the amount of gypsum in cement. But fineness of grinding and aluminium sulphate accelerates setting action and makes construction work rapid. It starts to set within five minutes and becomes hard within 30 minutes like stone. Just you have to cure with water within first five minutes. Using of quick setting cement is perfect where extreme care and quick setting is needed. So you can use this cement for your pizza oven. Even, it is not affected by moisture quickly. Furthermore, it is not so costly like extra rapid hardening cement.

Portland Pozzolana cement

Pozzolana is one kind of volcanic powder. At first, it was discovered in Italy. This cement is processed from clays and different type of shales. The amount of pozzolana material is 10 to 30 in Portland Pozzolana cement. For some special features it has been widely used in construction work including outside pizza oven. Some advantages of using Portland pozzolana cement are as follows:

1. It imparts high compressive strength with time of setting
2. It is more resistant against sulphates
3. It produces quite less heat at the time of setting, which helps to be more stable construction
4. It imparts more water tightness
5. This cement imparts more plasticity and workability
6. It is less expensive
7. It gives high resistance to any type of expansion
8. This cement possesses more tensile strength
9. It acts as insulating material and for this property it is well known insulator for pizza oven

Using of Portland Pozzolana cement is always recommended in making pizza oven outside. Yet, it has just two demerits as follows:

1. It possesses less compressive strength to the construction at earlier time of setting
2. It gives less resistance when erosion is prime concern