Forum / Step by step construction for backyard pizza oven


Are you very much interested to make a backyard pizza oven? For making a backyard pizza oven, you don’t need to be architect or civil engineer. You will be able to make it by yourself. You have to consider some facts in making it. You can follow some simple steps for making backyard pizza oven.

Step one: Size and type of pizza oven

You have to decide what type of pizza oven you will make. After that, you have to draw it on drawing board. After making a sketch on drawing board, you have to calculate total area, hearth size, dimension of dome etc. For calculating rectangular area, you have to multiply length by width. For measuring dome size, you have to consider it as spherical shape. You have to calculate surface area by using an equation S=2prh, wherein S is surface area, p is a constant with a value of 3.1416, h is height and r is radius. If you calculate these things properly, it will help to measure the materials required to make your backyard pizza oven.

Step two: Measurement of base of pizza oven

Pizza oven is used to bake pizza by applying high heat, so you have to be care about materials required to make base of pizza oven. Base or foundation is important because it holds the pizza oven. Proper work for making base ensures high strength of pizza oven. After drawing a sketch on paper, you have to decide what materials you will use for making backyard pizza oven. From sketch, you will get an idea about the amounts of required materials. You can make base using bricks or concrete. You can follow standard ratio of making mortar for pizza oven base. If you make concrete, you have to follow a ratio 1:2:4 using cement, sand and aggregate. Even if you want to make base using bricks, you have to use mortar. Then the ratio of cement to sand will be 1:4.

Step three: Laying oven floor

Laying oven floor is the third consideration of making backyard pizza oven. Oven floor is that which will be subjected to high temperature. For that reason, you have to use strong materials to make oven floor. For making floor, you should use first class bricks and high quality mortar. If you don’t have idea about floor materials, you can take advice from local experts. Without high quality of materials used in oven floor, it is quite impossible to make effective pizza oven.