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Concrete is extensively used in the construction of brick type wood fired pizza ovens. The concrete type and mix required in the oven will depend largely on the location of the concrete and the temperature heights and fluctuations it is exposed to. If the hearthdome or other high impact 'hot face' areas are constructed of concrete, it will be necessary to use a mix which is composed of refractory products such as crushed fire brick call 'grog', or refractory cement. Generally it is recommended that concrete not be used for areas which come into direct contact with the oven fire. Fire bricks should be used exclusively in these areas with the least usage of concrete or mortar necessary. Mortar used should compose of a refractory mixture to improve it's quality.

Cement and concrete are less likely to be used in the construction of a cob oven as the main building material is usually cob (mud and straw).

Refractory Concrete Mixture

Crushed fire bricks (grog) or gravelRefractory cement

Portland Cement Concrete Mixture

Crushed fire bricks (grog) or gravelPortland cementSandLime