Forum / Rectangular cob oven design


Pizza ovens come in different designs and likewise they are fired using different materials. There are basically two dominant designs; they are the spherical or circular dome and the rectangular cob oven design. Though there are other designs coming out in the market every now and then but these two designs are regarded as the stereotyped of pizza oven. As regards to the choice for oven design, it always boils down on the owner or builder’s preference. Take for instance the rectangular cob oven design. Those who opt for this type of oven design consider the rectangular cob as spacious for baking pastries or bread. By having a rectangular cob oven design, bakers can maximize the oven area by putting some rectangular baking tins inside. The rectangular cob design of the oven in a way gives hint to bakers what baking tins design fits inside the oven. But this observation is not conclusive as there are many bakers who do baking almost all delicacies in any type or design their ovens are made up of. As to practicality, there are at least two things to consider in the choice for rectangular cob oven design:

1. Construction issue

By the simple look at rectangular cob oven design, budding builders can somehow speculate that it is relatively easy to construct when compared to ovens with spherical or dome design. Setting up the firebricks is manageable as you only have to deal with one curving side.

2. Budget element

It is quite right to think that as the construction of rectangular cob oven design poses no high rate of difficulty the budget is pegged low. As budget is the first thing one has to consider in everything he or she is up to, it is but normal that the choice for rectangular cob oven design is relatively high among households for their ovens to have.

But the choice for rectangular cob oven design is mostly observable among owners who do a lot of baking for personal or family purposes.