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Hello folks, I'm planning to build a really simple brick stacks of wood fired oven. I'm about to start a small pizza business around the neighborhood. I'm young and I don't have experience with building and concete materials. If you are experienced, please give me some advice..

The oven will be a simple one, using 4 levels bricks for the base with air pocket vent on the back, then the base for the pizza will be using a cordierite stone, and the top will be a slaps of bricks/fire bricks/cordierite.. I will use mortar in between the bricks, and probably layer the sides with vermiculite..

For the cordierite though, the store have 2 types of thickness (1/2 inch and 1nch).

My questions are:

1. Is the 1/2inch stone will be enough to resist the direct fire from the oven? will the thicker stone needed for a better result? I have tight budget and the thicker stone is almost 2x the price of the 1/2inch..

2. Is it necessary to coat the outer sides of the oven with vermiculite for a better result?

3. **Pls check the video in the link below..

Can anyone tells me why is the base of the pizza burnt a lot? is it too much wood for the fire? is it because the brick is bad?

What will happened if i use a cordierite stone for this type of oven? will it burnt as well?

I'm planning to build a slightly bigger version of that oven, probably a brick more on the length(face of the oven) and 2 bricks more on the depth(width)

That guy only have 1 brick for the vent, i'm planning to have 2 bricks for the oven vent, in hoping that the bigger gap will helps the oven have a better air circulation, so heats will be distributed more evenly.. Pls correct me if im wrong..

And for the depth(width), i'm planning to have it wider, probably 1.5-2bricks deeper so that the fire won't have direct contact with the pizza. 

My questions are, if i put 2 bricks gap for the vent, will it combust the pizza even more? or the depth will save the pizza from burning?

The oven will somewhat be like the one in the vod:

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1. No

2. No 

3. brick is bad

4. It will explode

5. You are wrong, bigger gap will cause all your heat to go away.

6. The depth will stop pizza from cooking