Forum / Plans for wood fired pizza oven made from ceramic


Wooden burning pizza oven made from ceramic is new type of pizza oven. Normally, pizza oven is made of different types of bricks. But you can incorporate ceramic as layer on bricks. When you will go to make a pizza oven, at first you have to plan properly. Proper planning is half success of any work.

At first, you have to select a right place for making pizza oven. You can build your pizza oven made of ceramic on the yard of your house. Yard will be best because heat and smoke of oven will not affect your house. On the yard corner side is better to select for building pizza oven.

Then factor is what you will use as fuel? Fuel to make fire in pizza oven varies from area to area and season to season. If there is winter season, making fire using wood is tough. But during summer, wood is best for making fire. Sometimes, natural gas is used to make heat in pizza oven. But pizza baked in gas burning oven doesn’t taste like wood burning pizza. Wood as fuel is better for ceramic pizza oven. Various compounds produced from wood burning like ketone, phenols, aldehyde, which makes pizza tastier.

Materials required making ceramic pizza oven:

  • Sharp sand
  • Builder sand
  • Aggregate
  • Builder cement
  • Portland cement
  • Red bricks
  • Clay bricks
  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Chipboard
  • Wooden pallet
  • Wood saw
  • Wood screw
  • Chimney
  • Ceramic (insulating material)

Size of ceramic pizza oven depends on user and amount of pizza baking per day. If it is personal pizza oven, you can make it 42x38 inch. Small size pizza oven means little space in oven, which will heat up quickly. This pizza is user-friendly to bake pizza for personal use. If you follow these steps mentioned at below, you can build ceramic pizza oven easily on the yard of your house.




After selecting place, first step is to make base. You have to dig earth and place the wooden mould (made according to base dimension) by ensuring it is horizontal. Then you have to mix cement, sharp sand and aggregates in a ratio of 1:2:4. After mixing them properly, you have to pour in wooden mould. You can use long wooden baton to make it flat. You have to allow it three days to be strong.


After making base, you have to build a small wall on the edge of basement. You can use red brick to make this wall. On this small wall, hearth will be build.


Then you have to build hearth and pizza dome. You can make a arch using fire clay at the front side of hearth. On the floor of hearth, you can give a layer of vermiculite mixture (mixing with Portland cement). It will help to keep your hearth warm for long time.


Inside of hearth you have to place ceramic blanket for making it insulated. Ceramic blanket is most effective insulating material for pizza oven. It is quite expensive than other insulating materials.


Then you have to install chimney for removing smoke produced during baking pizza. Chimney may be made of steel, brick or cast. But chimney made of steel will be better to use for ceramic pizza oven.


After that, you have to clad the outside of dome and hearth. During cladding you can use aluminum foil between brick layer and mortar layer. Aluminum acts as gas and water barrier. It protects wall from rain water. During cladding you can mix coloring substance to make your pizza oven colored and decorated.