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Hello I'm Sam from South Carolina currently building a "mortarless" oven. Presently using a Kettle Grill. I will try to post a picture, but the oven that I'm building has a suspended deck over the flame then a roof suspended above the deck a few inches to create the oven chamber. This is a very low cost build and intended to be as mobile as possible to tear down/reassemble. Essentially 54 bricks and two slabs for the deck and roof. I am trying to decide on material for the deck/roof and here are options I am considering....

1) Pour my own slabs with a vermiculite/Portland blend. I am seeing 6:1 ratio, but not sure if that is intended as a brick mortar or if it will be strong enough for a 28x28x2 slab (not my desired option)

2) Wire rack shelving to suspend fire bricks. Exploring heat resistance and weight capacity. 

3) I am leaning toward using 1/2" cement backerboard for the deck. Perhaps double/triple layer for strength and apply quarry tile on top to cook the pizza. Concern is the flame below will be in direct contact with the backerboard. Not sure is the backerboard will withstand these conditions. I am also considering adhering quarry tile to the bottom as well (sandwiching the board with tile using Stovo refractory cement).

Trying to solicit ideas....

Gotcha · 2 months ago

Hello Sam from South Carolina. What is you question?