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The materials you use to build your oven determines how long the oven will last. The material of the oven also determines how quickly the oven will heat fast, how long will the heat last, how fast will the heat dissipate, etc. One of the important material for the heat of your oven is the thermal insulation.

This insulation lays on top on the initial internal dome of bricks so as to improve the heat retaining properties of the oven. There are different materials that are used in an insulation. This have a heat resistant and an insulation properties. Mostly, the insulation that are being used is either fire blanket which is a material usually used with industrial ovens, or an insulating mortar which is a mixture of cement and vermiculite or pertite.

  1. Once the internal brick wall is finished you may begin construction of the insulation layer. Insulation is required to ensure the oven retains heat so at to rise to a high temperature and maintain the temperature for a long period.
  2. Fire blanket insulation
    1. Fire blanket is a heat resistant material commonly used for industrial ovens.
    2. Cut a piece of fire blanket that may be placed around the circumference of the oven.
    3. Cut a similar sized piece of chicken wire and place that oven the blanket to hold it into place.
    4. Use wire to hold the whole structure stable.
    5. Continue to cover the whole oven in a minimum 1 inch layer of insulation.
  3. Perlite / Vermiculite
    1. Perlite and vermiculite are products commonly used in horticulture and hydroponics. The material also has good insulation properties.
    2. Mix perlite or vermiculite with cement at the appropriate rate (10:1) with some water to create the insulating material.
    3. Place a layer of the cement insulation material over the brick or on top of the fire blanket.
    4. Build up the insulation to a minimum of 2 inches. This may require multiple applications between drying.

Rblanch2 · 5 months ago

my pizza oven dome is made of vermiculite and portland mix. its all done, but I still have to insulate ( 2 inch ceramic fiber blanket) should I start curing the dome NOW before I insulate or go ahead and insulate then 2 coats of stucco, then start the curing ?



Adam · 5 months ago

Hi Rich. It's fine to finish the build with the insulation and cladding, and then worry about the drying / curing of the oven later. You want the cement mixture to harden / cure as well as possible which just means to keep the mixture wet for as long as possible. If you're worried about moisture wicking from the cement to the insulation before it has hardened entirely you can place a layer of aluminium foil on top of the cement before applying the insulation.