Forum / How big should a chimney be for wood fired brick oven


In brick ovens, 1/4th of the heat leaves through the chimney. A chimney also improves the airflow through the oven. It also helps direct the smoke so it doesn't blow out on your face. An enamelled flue pipe can be used for the chimney. The height of the chimney depends on the size of the oven but it can be anywhere from 1 meter or more. Some people choose not build a chimney in their ovens but that may result in an oven the does not perform at its optimum and may result in excess smoke issues. 

Considerations in Building a Pizza Oven Chimney

The thought of having your own pizza oven chimney is never an impossible dream as long as you have the will and determination to realize it. There are three factors to consider in building your own pizza oven chimney. They are: location, size and design, and type.


If you are situated in a country where temperature always drops below zero, building pizza oven chimney can serve at least two purposes – having fresh cooked pizza and warming up your family especially during winter season. With these purposes, you can locate the construction in the most strategic place inside your house. But if you want the pizza oven chimney be constructed and be part of the dirty kitchen outside the house, it can also be done. The choice for location must take into account practicability and aesthetic value of the project.

Size and design

When it comes to size, you need to consider the location of your choice. The size of the pizza oven chimney is directly proportional to the intention. Is it for family, or business? If you intend for business then it follows that the size is bigger and costlier. As to design, there are a lot of templates to choose from many online sources. You can the features you like from the different designs then come up with your own unique pizza oven chimney. But if you prefer to adopt the full details of the design available online, be sure to give credit to the source or designer.


Pizza oven chimney comes in various types. It can be made up of bricks, concrete, or metal cased. The choice of the type is essential as it affects the quality of pizza that you are going to baked. But most people prefer brick type as it enhanced the beauty of the house if your house is also brick themed. Besides brick pizza oven chimneys are budget friendly especially when the material is endemic in your place.