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Emozione the lighter gas oven for 2 pizzas and with unparalleled cooking uniformity, it doesn't matter to change the position of your tasty pizzas! Ideal for very pizza Lovers!

Outdoor gas pizza oven Emozione features:

Cooking floor size: 40 x 70 cm = 0.28 mq (15.75" x 27.56")

Lightweight without bricks and legs: only 15.5 kg (34.14 Lb)

Lightweight with bricks and legs: 32.7 kg (72.1 Lb)

Cooking floor thickness: 3cm (1.2") for a balanced thermal mass

Insulator material: Professional Fiber from alkaline earth silicate (AES) wool low bio-persistent with high density

Max. temperature: 550 ºC (1022 ºF)

Mouth size: 58 x 17.5cm (22.84" x 6.89")

External size without legs: 76 x 55 x 38 cm (29.92" x 21.65" x 14.96")

External size with legs: 76 x 55 x 53 cm (29.92" x 21.65" x 20.87")

Color: antique copper

Fuel supply: LPG, propane, butane

External dome material: Painted Aluminum easy to clean and long durability

Security system: Thermocouple

Use: Outdoor locations, terrace, gardens, patio, backyards

Use: private

Included: gas fired oven, legs, floor, user manual

Actual offer included in the oven: quick-connection + tube and LPG regulator assembled

Banchi83 · 1 month ago