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Hello, I took the plunge and started construction of my first pizza oven. I'm building my oven a bit different than most people though (at least I haven't been able to find one like it. I built my dome completely out of a Perlite and Cement mixture. Now I want to wrap it in Ceramic Insulation Blanket and finish it with a layer or two on concrete to give it a smooth finish. My question is...

Do I let it sit (cure) now before wrapping it in insulation blanket and concrete? My hunch is yes. Maybe even give it a few weeks and then a few small fires to drive moisture out? I don't want to trap water in with the blanket and concrete that will later create steam and crack the dome. 

Has anyone made an oven like this? All of the perlite ovens I have seen are left with just the perlite on the exterior.

· 3 months ago
· 3 months ago

im also building one the way you describe;and im going to wait for at least 3 days of sunny dry days before adding mortar on top


· 2 months ago

No, no insulation required. You oven is made of insulation so no need to add more.