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Cement is the preferred materials for use in wood-fired pizza ovens. However, to make is usable, it has to be mixed with a few other materials to make the cement mix which is in usable form. Cement mix can be made locally by mixing one part of cement with five parts of sand and add Bycol. Otherwise, you can buy cement mix which has been premixed in bags. Use of cement mix

Cement mix is used in various parts of the oven including; the foundation slab where it is mixed with aggregate to create concrete, and as the binding material between the building materials e.g. fire bricks or abode bricks where it is known as brickie’s mortar.

Standard Mortar Mixture

Portland Cement1

Fire Clay Mortar Mixture

Portland Cement1
Fire Clay1

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· 4 months ago

Hi there our pizza oven Is a bit old and it have start making / gap's in to the bottom of the pizza oven!  any recommendation what time of cement I have to use to smooth the bottom of our own! 

· 2 months ago

3 o'clock