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Wood fired pizza oven recipes are not terribly complicated. You tend to cook dishes very quickly after you long preparation in the kitchen. Some dishes require that you take your baking pan out of the brick oven several times, some ask you to check and turn your food once or twice, and many recipes simply have you set your food in the oven and let it go.

These recipes include pizza obviously, but also bread, stews, chicken, roasts, steak, chestnuts, etc. There is a proper temperature for each recipe that you will be cooking. Once your pizza is ready, your oven will usually still be hot enough to bake some bread. Delicious and fresh bread can be easily baked in a pizza oven. When baking break you will want to close the oven with a wooden door soaked in water. The water prevents the door from catching fire. Steak may be cooked in a pizza oven due to the immense heat that is normally generated. Unlike pizza and bread which is placed directly on the hearth floor, you will want to utilize a grill to place the steak upon. A grill is a simple metal structure usually made for barbecues. The grill will function much like a bbq while within the oven, however due to the ambient temperature the steak will cook faster.

370°C700°FPizza / steak
90°C200°FDrying tomatoes

It might be hard for you to tell whether your oven is at the right temperature or not. For this purpose, while building an oven, you can install a temperature monitor in the oven. It is a small instrument inside your oven that tells you how hot the temperature inside the oven is.