Forum / Build a pizza oven foundation of out wood


Though many pizza ovens are made out of bricks, but building them needs a considerable volume of wood. Usually, once the construction of pizza oven is given the green signal to start off; wood is a necessary material. As to how, the following are uses of wood in the building of pizza oven:

Wood as foundation support

The fact in almost all construction is: the laying of foundation is a wood-dependent phase. It is quite impossible to build pizza oven without using wood as it serves as formwork or platform for setting the concrete and bricks. Wood as a reinforcing material to foundation is giving the structure the necessary stability and form. The pouring of the mixed concrete is given the right support of wooden platform which leads to strong foundation.

Wood as scaffolds

Useful as it is in many ways, wood is easy to accommodate measurement adjustments. Cutting it in various sizes is manageable either by manual or electric driven saw. Aside from utilizing it as formwork or platform, wood serves as dependable scaffolds. It provides good and sturdy structural support. It doesn’t break in an instant nor does it bend directly. As building pizza oven is not a tall task to do, wood scaffolds are the practical material to use.

Wood as firewood

After serving the two above-mentioned uses of wood in the foundation of pizza oven, the texture of wood at this time is already rough or hardened by concrete. But throwing it away is not a good though as the wood has the final use to accomplish. This is to heat up the newly constructed pizza oven. For there are no other way to bring back the fine texture of the wood, it can be chopped into desirable sizes and thrown into the furnace as firewood. In this way nothing is wasted.