Amount of Galactose in Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native)

American Indian Alaska Native Foods

In 100 g (Grams) of Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native) there is 0 g of Galactose. Change amount

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Galactose is a nutrient present in many other foods. The below table lists foods high in Galactose other than Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native).

Formulated bar, SLIM-FAST OPTIMA meal bar, milk chocolate peanut 5.62 g 5.62%
Honey 3.1 g 3.1%
Dulce de Leche 1.03 g 1.03%
Kefir, lowfat, plain, LIFEWAY 0.91 g 0.91%
Celery, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt 0.85 g 0.85%
Celery, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt 0.85 g 0.85%
Beets, canned, regular pack, solids and liquids 0.8 g 0.8%
Cheese, mozzarella, low moisture, part-skim 0.78 g 0.78%
Cheese, mozzarella, low moisture, part-skim, shredded 0.75 g 0.75%
Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program) 0.7 g 0.7%
Yogurt, Greek, nonfat, vanilla, CHOBANI 0.68 g 0.68%
Yogurt, Greek, plain, lowfat 0.64 g 0.64%
Kefir, lowfat, strawberry, LIFEWAY 0.63 g 0.63%
Yogurt, Greek, vanilla, lowfat 0.6 g 0.6%
Yogurt, Greek, vanilla, nonfat 0.6 g 0.6%
Cherries, sweet, raw 0.59 g 0.59%
Yogurt, Greek, nonfat, strawberry, DANNON OIKOS 0.56 g 0.56%
Yogurt, Greek, strawberry, nonfat 0.55 g 0.55%
Yogurt, Greek, strawberry, DANNON OIKOS 0.54 g 0.54%
Yogurt, Greek, nonfat, vanilla, DANNON OIKOS 0.54 g 0.54%
Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native)

Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native) is a type of American Indian Alaska Native Foods. The most significant nutrients in Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native) are listed below.

Water 22.79 g 22.79%
Energy (calorie) 378 kcal
Energy (joule) 1581 kJ
Protein 62.09 g 62.09%
Total lipid (fat) 14.38 g 14.38%
Ash 3.69 g 3.69%
Carbohydrate, by difference 0 g
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Sugars, total 0 g
Sucrose 0 g
Glucose (dextrose) 0 g
Fructose 0 g
Lactose 0 g
Maltose 0 g
Galactose 0 g
Starch 0 g
Calcium, Ca 155 mg 0.16%
Iron, Fe 2.2 mg
Magnesium, Mg 68 mg 0.07%
Phosphorus, P 650 mg 0.65%

Nutrients in Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native)