Amount of Tocotrienol, gamma in Egg, whole, cooked, omelet

Dairy and Egg Products

In 100 g (Grams) of Egg, whole, cooked, omelet there is 0.01 mg of Tocotrienol, gamma. Change amount

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Tocotrienol, gamma

Tocotrienol, gamma is a nutrient present in many other foods. The below table lists foods high in Tocotrienol, gamma other than Egg, whole, cooked, omelet.

Cookies, gluten-free, lemon wafer 4.79 mg
Glutino, Gluten Free Wafers, Lemon Flavored 4.79 mg
Margarine-like spread, SMART BALANCE Omega Plus Spread (with plant sterols & fish oil) 4.29 mg
Popcorn, microwave, regular (butter) flavor, made with palm oil 4.15 mg
Bread, paratha, whole wheat, commercially prepared, frozen 3.36 mg
Soup, ramen noodle, chicken flavor, dry 3.3 mg
Soup, ramen noodle, any flavor, dry 3.29 mg
Soup, ramen noodle, beef flavor, dry 3.28 mg
Cookies, sugar wafers with creme filling, regular 3.2 mg
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, without salt added 3.14 mg
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, with salt added 3.14 mg
Salami, dry or hard, pork, beef 3.04 mg
Spices, chili powder 2.85 mg
Margarine-like spread, SMART BALANCE Regular Buttery Spread with flax oil 2.81 mg
Cookies, sugar, commercially prepared, regular (includes vanilla) 2.62 mg
Wasabi 2.4 mg
Sauce, peanut, made from peanut butter, water, soy sauce 2.28 mg
Cookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, soft-type 2.27 mg
Margarine, margarine-like vegetable oil spread, 67-70% fat, tub 2.04 mg
Snacks, peas, roasted, wasabi-flavored 1.95 mg
Egg, whole, cooked, omelet

Egg, whole, cooked, omelet is a type of Dairy and Egg Products. The most significant nutrients in Egg, whole, cooked, omelet are listed below.

Water 76.13 g 76.13%
Energy (calorie) 154 kcal
Energy (joule) 643 kJ
Protein 10.57 g 10.57%
Total lipid (fat) 11.66 g 11.66%
Ash 1.01 g 1.01%
Carbohydrate, by difference 0.64 g 0.64%
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Sugars, total 0.31 g 0.31%
Sucrose 0 g
Glucose (dextrose) 0.31 g 0.31%
Fructose 0 g
Lactose 0 g
Maltose 0 g
Galactose 0 g
Calcium, Ca 48 mg 0.05%
Iron, Fe 1.48 mg
Magnesium, Mg 11 mg 0.01%
Phosphorus, P 167 mg 0.17%
Potassium, K 117 mg 0.12%

Nutrients in Egg, whole, cooked, omelet