Amount of 18:3i in Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup)

Baked Products

In 100 g (Grams) of Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup) there is 0 g of 18:3i. Change amount

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18:3i is a nutrient present in many other foods. The below table lists foods high in 18:3i other than Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup).

Oil, industrial, canola for salads, woks and light frying 1.295 g 1.30%
Oil, industrial, canola with antifoaming agent, principal uses salads, woks and light frying 1.276 g 1.28%
Oil, cooking and salad, ENOVA, 80% diglycerides 1.193 g 1.19%
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying 0.695 g 0.70%
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening 0.695 g 0.70%
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), principal uses popcorn and flavoring vegetables 0.676 g 0.68%
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor 0.552 g 0.55%
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening 0.533 g 0.53%
Oil, vegetable, Natreon canola, high stability, non trans, high oleic (70%) 0.527 g 0.53%
Oil, vegetable, soybean, refined 0.497 g 0.50%
Oil, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose 0.495 g 0.50%
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings 0.486 g 0.49%
Margarine, industrial, non-dairy, cottonseed, soy oil (partially hydrogenated ), for flaky pastries 0.473 g 0.47%
Oil, industrial, canola (partially hydrogenated) oil for deep fat frying 0.466 g 0.47%
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and soy (winterized), pourable clear fry 0.438 g 0.44%
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections 0.4 g 0.4%
Margarine, industrial, soy and partially hydrogenated soy oil, use for baking, sauces and candy 0.343 g 0.34%
Oil, industrial, soy, low linolenic 0.287 g 0.29%
Margarine-like shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, and soy, principal use flaky pastries 0.264 g 0.26%
Margarine-like spread, BENECOL Light Spread 0.211 g 0.21%
Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup)

Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup) is a type of Baked Products. The most significant nutrients in Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup) are listed below.

Water 5.05 g 5.05%
Energy (calorie) 418 kcal
Energy (joule) 1747 kJ
Protein 9.46 g 9.46%
Total lipid (fat) 8.64 g 8.64%
Ash 2.79 g 2.79%
Carbohydrate, by difference 74.05 g 74.05%
Fiber, total dietary 2.8 g 2.8%
Sugars, total 1.29 g 1.29%
Sucrose 0 g
Glucose (dextrose) 0.12 g 0.12%
Fructose 0.19 g 0.19%
Lactose 0 g
Maltose 0.98 g 0.98%
Galactose 0 g
Starch 67.83 g 67.83%
Calcium, Ca 19 mg 0.02%
Iron, Fe 5.57 mg 0.01%
Magnesium, Mg 23 mg 0.02%
Phosphorus, P 102 mg 0.10%

Nutrients in Crackers, saltines (includes oyster, soda, soup)