Forum / Wood oven construction


Wood oven is most popular oven to bake pizza. This oven can be placed anywhere and as usually it is placed outside and back yard of home. If you desire to make a wood oven for pizza, you have to consider many things.

First consideration is budget. If the budget is enough, you can arrange all things properly and decorate it exclusively.

Then consideration will be material that will be used in wood burning pizza oven. You have to consider the type and quality of bricks, cements, rod, insulating materials and others.

Then you have to select proper place where it will be placed. As it is wood burning, so you should place it outside of home and it may be back-yard. Wood will emit smokes and it may affect your residence environment. So you should select a safe place.

If place is selected, then consideration will be construction of pizza oven. If you have proper knowledge in construction, you can start. But you have no knowledge, you should hire experts or company for it. Always be aware about insulation of pizza oven. Efficiency of any pizza oven depends on proper insulation. If there is no proper insulation, it will drop heat and pizza will not be baked properly.

Finally, you have to arrange good quality wood as fuel. Good quality wood makes proper heat inside of pizza oven shortly. If you use wetted wood to burn in oven, it will emit smoke largely. This may make your pizza smoky in flavor.

If you maintain all these things properly, you will be owner of an efficient and excellent pizza oven. Then it will enhance your personality greatly.