Forum / Wood fired pizza ovens with fire place below


A pizza oven is a piece of decoration for some pizza crazy people. They employ various methods and designs to manufacture it. A design of a pizza oven the upper oven part of which is fired with wood while the lower or below oven is heated with gas is the choice of numerous people. The heat rising from the below and reaching to the top pre-heats the hearth making it conducive to the baking of the pizza. This arrangement generates adequate constant temperature facilitating fast cooking. This type of oven is also used to cook such meals as rack of lamb, grill dishes, and roasted vegetables.

The pizza oven’s below chamber measures around 30 inches by 35 inches, and gets support by a steel plate fixed under the fire brick. Firebricks are used to construct the dome of the oven. This type of design facilitates replacement of fire brick in an easy manner as firebricks are placed on the steel plate without using mortar. The steel is also so fitted that it can be easily replaced. This oven gets ready for cooking in less than an hour.

Many people like to use propane with a thermostat for better control over temperature so that a meal could be cooked slowly, if so desired. Also, it is a common practice to use a portable hand held device to start the fire. Several restaurants like to use gas for speed cooking and to save time. However, wood fire has its own advantages. It is cheaper in comparison to gas, and also it has some aesthetic value. At the same time, even with large flame size of the gas burner, the heat produced is less than the heat generated by wood fire.

So many conditions have to be taken into account; such as the number of pizza one wants to cook per day, and what other meals one plans to cook. Wood fire can be all the more economical if one can get it for free from the nearby woods or surroundings. However, in case one ignites the oven on daily basis the use of gas or charcoal may be appropriate as in such a condition the oven is still hot even the next day. Also, it is feasible to construct a single outdoor oven which can have the facility of using both fire wood and gas, if need be. However, in this condition, the hearth is not properly heated.