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Wood fired oven dimensions

The thought of baking or cooking your favorite dishes can be real only when an oven is readily available. Though ovens come in varieties (thanks to technological advancement) but the most practical one which is regarded as sturdy and lasting is the traditional wood fired oven. It has been the type of oven most bakers used for many years now. It is made primarily of firebricks and other concrete materials. Wood fired oven generally can sustain its heat for hours depending on the thickness of its entire walls giving bakers the ample time to do a lot of baking at low cost.

As the practical side of wood fired ovens is getting into the consciousness of many people, the consequential concern on its dimension is also raised. For those who simply want to enjoy baking at the comfort of their homes, builders recommend wood fired oven dimension of 45 inches in depth and 27 inches in width. This dimension works well for rectangular cob oven design. For other designs such as spherical or dome oven, it is good to get the advice of the builders. But if you want to build one on your own, it is better to determine the volume of your baking tasks before starting off the construction. As a general rule, there is no such thing as the “absolute dimension for wood fired oven” when it comes to constructing it.

Having your own wood fired oven is the must-oven especially when your location is abundant with trees. The rising cost of fossil fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas and electricity makes wood fired oven as excellent alternative for cost cutting measure. While it is true that constructing your wood fired oven is estimated to cost around $1,500-$2,000 but in the long run you can feel its economic advantage or the ROI plus other intangible benefits like baking enjoyment and family bonding experience.