Forum / Will pizza oven crack if use during rain


Pizza oven may be outside or inside of home. But wood burning pizza oven will be outside because it creates smoke. Usually, it is made backyard of residence. When pizza oven is outside, one question comes in mind that will pizza oven crack if used during rain?

The answer is not simple. Cracking of pizza oven depends on various factors including its maintenance. Mainly, longevity of pizza oven depends on quality of bricks and cementing materials. If there is using of third class bricks and your pizza oven working for long period, it may be cracked during rainy season or raining. Third class bricks get damaged early than other bricks and it is susceptible to action of alkaline.

Again, if your bricks are good in quality but cement is ordinary, then cracking will be experienced during rain. Cementing materials hold all other ingredients together. Sometimes, ordinary cements expand when it is heated and during raining outside of oven gets cold. If you cook pizza in your oven during rain, there will be thermal gradient, which will result in cracking of pizza oven. Again, ordinary cement is susceptible to action of acid, alkali and salts. If your pizza oven is working for several years, it may be cracked during rain.

Before final cracking, you will experience with initial cracking. If there is any initial cracking, you have to replace that mortar with good quality cement. For changing mortar, you can use Portland Pozzolana cement or any other improved cement like acid-water resistant ceme