Types of wood fired pizza ovens

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Barrel Vault[edit]

Barrel vault ovens are usually made of brick and are in the shape of a half barrel. They have a large internal rectangular area.

Black Oven[edit]

The fire is in the oven and after it is ready then the fire is removed to can enable cooking.

White Oven[edit]

In contrast with Black Oven, the fire is located in a separate chamber to heat the Oven.

Bread Oven[edit]

The main characteristics of a Bread Oven are the Barrel Vault design and larger thermal mass. The bread can be cook in pizza ovens, but pizza can not be cook in bread oven.

Brick Pizza Ovens[edit]

Brick Pizza Ovens use only fire bricks to heat the oven. An example of this Oven is Pompeii Oven.

Cart Oven[edit]

In general they are used for catering parties and outdoor festivals.

Catering Oven[edit]

This term is reffered to any mobile Oven.

Cob / Earth / Clay / Horno Oven[edit]

Commercial Pizza Oven[edit]

The walls of this oven are thick because they are designed to work 24/24, 365 day per year for 15 years. The are big in size and they heat up very slowly.

Convection Oven[edit]

Conveyor Oven[edit]

Deck Oven[edit]

Napoletana Oven[edit]

The name of this Oven suggest that is used much in Neapole region of Italy. The parabolic, round shape of the dome is efficient with wood fuel, and evenly reflects heat back down on the Oven Floor for cooking perfect pizza and other dishes that use both top and bottom heat for cooking.

Residential Pizza Oven[edit]

Are designed for home and garden use. They are small in size and this thing make them to heat up very quickly. lol ;)

Revolving Tray Oven[edit]

Round Pizza Oven[edit]

Wood-Burning Oven[edit]

Rectangular Barrel Dome[edit]

Rectangular Barrel Dome is used by professional bakers. These domes usually allow more space so that more cooking can be done in a short time. Moreover, Rectangular Barrel Domes are comparatively easier to construct as this shape only requires the proper alignment of the bricks, and only a small quantity of mortar is required because when the bricks are next to each other, there are hardly any gaps that need to be filled.

Round Igloo Oven Dome[edit]

The main purpose of an oven dome is to absorb the heat from the wood-fire and then evenly radiate it back to heat the oven and the oven floor, and to cook the food from all sides. For use at home, a Round Igloo Oven Dome proves ideal. It is a bit difficult to construct, as compared to the Rectangular Barrel Dome, and requires more mortar to construct because it has more gaps, especially near the top. But using a high heat absorbent mortar also improves the oven and the cooking as it enables the oven to stay hot for a longer time.