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Sourcing materials for building a pizza oven can be difficult due to the types of materials and techniques involved. For individuals that have a free and easily accessible supply of clean clay, a cob oven might be the most practical approach. If a brick oven is desired then the key materials needed are brick, insulation and cement.

Standard cob oven materials
Foundation (eg. Brick, clay, wood (eg. Railway sleepers))
Sand to place the hearth and build the oven dome on
Fire bricks for the hearth
Standard brick oven materials
Foundation (eg. Brick, clay, wood (eg. Railway sleepers))
Concrete to place the hearth on
Sand to place the hearth and build the oven dome on
Fire bricks for the hearth and dome
Builders bricks for the dome
Builders mortar
Fire blanket, insulating fire brick or vermiculite for the insulation layer
Mortar for the cladding

Example Materials and Costs[edit]


The below table gives examples regarding the materials required for building a 42" igloo brick oven with a foundation.

General purpose concrete mix 30 bags
Reinforcing steel bar 32m
Cement sheeting 2m2
Scrap wood for the temporary cement dam 6m
General purpose mortar mix 10 bags
Besser blocks 60
Steel lintel 2m
Fire brick (76 x 230 x 110mm) (hearth and door) 100
Fire brick half (76 x 115 x 110mm) (dome) 150
Insulating fire blanket 2m2
Vermiculite 5 100L bags
Chimney 1
Finishing tiles or paint 5m2

Material Costs[edit]

Cost of each material will depend largely on the quality and country of origin.

Material Cost Generally Required Average Total Cost
Foundation Besser Blocks $3 each 60 $180
Fire Bricks (Hearth and Dome) $2 per brick 250 $500
Fire Clay $25 per bag 2 bags $50
Bag of Cement $5 per bag 20 bags $100
Reinforcement Steel $3 per meter 20 meters $60
Bag of Sand $4 per bag 30 bags $120
Insulation (Fire blanket) $75 per m2 sheet 4 m2 $300
Insulation (Vermiculite) $15 100L bag of Vermiculite 1 bag $15

Total Cost[edit]

Total cost examples are provided below.

Internal Dimensions Hearth Surface Area Dome Shape Material Cost
30" diameter (76cm) 706inch2 (4,363cm2) Igloo Cob $0 - 600
34" diameter (86cm) 907inch2 (5,808cm2) Igloo Cob $0 - 600
30" diameter (76cm) 706inch2 (4,363cm2) Igloo Brick $400 - $2,000
34" diameter (86cm) 907inch2 (5,808cm2) Igloo Brick $500 - $2,600
42" diameter (106cm) 1,385inch2 (8,824cm2) Igloo Brick $600 - $3,000
50" diameter (130cm) 1,963inch2 (13,273cm2) Igloo Brick $700 - $3,500
32" x 36" (82cm x 92cm) 1,152inch2 (7,544cm2) Barrel Brick $500 - $2,600
35" x 39" (90cm x 100cm) 1,365inch2 (9,000cm2) Barrel Brick $600 - $3,000
47" x 59" (120cm x 150cm) 2,773inch2 (18,000cm2) Barrel Brick $700 - $3,800
59" x 71" (150cm x 180cm) 4,189inch2 (27,000cm2) Barrel Brick $800 - $5,000



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