Forum / Round outdoor pizza oven base


Pizza oven base is that part on which oven chamber will be placed. After deciding the location for making pizza oven, you have to start working for pizza oven base. At first you have to lay pallet down horizontally. The floor may be rough and if it is rough, you have to make the pallet flat as possible using wooden peach under the pallet. After sorting the pallet, you have to cut chip board that will fit with the base of pallet. The height of chip board will be 50mm, which will be used to make a perimeter around the pallet. Besides this, you have to ensure that there is gap between boards.

Then you have to mix the material including cement, sharp sand and aggregate in a proportion of 1:2:4. Then you have to add in right amount. You can mix them by using spade instead of mechanical mixer. Then you have to pour concrete mixture in prepared wooden mould. You can use wooden baton to make it flat and give better finishing. By this way, you can make smooth pizza oven base.

In many pizza oven, bricks are used to make base. If you want to make base using bricks, you have to select the place first, then you have to flat the surface by removing earth as possible. Then you have to excavate the earth. After excavating you have to spread sand in a layer and then place the bricks horizontally. You have to ensure that bricks are placed as flat. Then you have to mix cement with sand in a ratio of 1:5. For making bedding mortar you have to add water in right proportion. Then you have to pour this mortar on bricks. Normally, there are gaps between bricks. You have to fill this gap with bedding mortar properly.