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Pizza oven rendering is a vital process in pizza construction. Rendering has a number of advantages and these depend mainly on the materials used for rendering. One of these materials used is perlite. Perlite is a naturally occurring material that can be processed into a number of products. In pizza oven rendering, perlite is used for insulation purposes.

Forms of perlite rendering

The most common used form of perlite is the insulation blanket. This is wrapped round the oven dome, a wire mesh placed on top, then rendering done with cement mix. This way, the perlite insulating blanket forms a distinct layer that traps heat in the oven.

Alternatively, perlite can be used as a mix in the cement rendering. In this case, the type of perlite used is the granular form. It is mixed with the cement and them rendering done. For effective heat insulation through this method, the rendering layer should be significantly deep.

Between the two methods, the perlite insulation blanket then cement rendering is most effective in heat insulation, even though both are effective.