Forum / Outdoor pizza oven dimensions


The one good thing about an outdoor pizza oven dimensions is that you never restricted and you can play with the dimension just as you please. The size of an outdoor pizza, which is determined by the dimension, and the design of the oven are specific to an individual. It all depends on what you want and how you want it. The dimensions of a pizza oven are more flexible in residential pizza ovens as it all depends on what you will want to use the oven for. If you want a pizza-only oven, then your oven can be small. On the other hand, commercial pizza oven should be big to accommodate increased and diverse use. Commercial pizza hubs have numerous orders to cover and they don’t cook pizza only.

However, some of the dimensions of pizza oven are constant. For example, the height from the foundation to the supporting floor should be around 20 cm. this allows for comfortable use of the oven.