Forum / My pizza is not cooking uniformly


There are a lot of stories about failing to cook a pizza, especially its crust. Some reasons for that are: if your oven has a problem, if your dough has a missing or you put too much of some of its ingredients, or sometimes the reason is setting the correct temperature for your pizza. Before cooking or preparing for your dough, you should first check if your oven is still working. Your oven serves to provide significant and sudden heat for your dough to cook.

If you are using a frozen crust, there should be no problem in cooking it because you can instantly cook it by just following the instructions on the pack. But if you choose to create your own dough, you should be very careful in measuring and adding your ingredients. There are a lot of suggested recipes in the internet that you can browse and try. Always remember that you should use an exact amount of every ingredients that you are using.

Talking about the temperature that you will use, this depends on the dough that you are using. Many people says that it is good that you cook your dough at 600-650 degrees. Some says that in setting the temperature for frozen dough, you may use 450 degrees, or in some it can also be 550 degrees. But in general, you can use those as your starting point, and you can just adjust it as you gain experience in cooking a perfect pizza!