Forum / My pizza crust is not crispy


When you bake a pizza you want to get an evenly browned crust and a melted cheese and toppings. But one thing that has always discouraged you in cooking a pizza dough is getting the bottom crispy. You can cook the edges good but the middle is a totally mess! Here are some reminders in cooking your pizza dough:

  • You can try pre-baking the crust before putting the toppings, but this add an extra effort and an extra step in baking.
  • Some people also says that try placing your pizza dough in the lower to middle portion of the oven to be able to get a crispy bottom.
  • You should also ensure that your oven is very hot in order to get a crispy bottom. In a wood fired oven, the suggested temperature in cooking a dough is 370°C. If you are not sure of what temperature your oven has already achieve, you can install a temperature monitor in your oven. You are now ready to cook your pizza!