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When cocking with a wood fired pizza oven, the first step is to heat up the oven by burning wood inside the oven. When the oven is deemed hot enough, the burning coal has to be moved to the side to create space for the placement of the pizza at the middle.

How to move the burning coal

To do this, you need a number of things; an oven or baking shovel and a specialized broom. These materials should have long wooden handles for safety. When the oven is deemed to be at the right temperature, use the shovel to push the burning coal to one side or both, just as you prefer. When the burning coal is moved, the surface is left ashy and with other dirt which is not right to place the pizza on top. Using the specialized broom, sweep the dirt away, then pace your raw pizza to cook. To cut on expenses, the same shovel used in handling the pizza in the oven can be used to move the burning wood.