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Sandstone is one of the materials you can use to build your outdoor pizza oven in place of stones and bricks. Using sandstone to build an outdoor pizza oven helps to create a conservational feeling in your backyard and brings in an added aesthetic value.

How to build with sandstone

To achieve these above stated features, sandstones should be use rightly in the construction of your pizza. The one rick that sandstones have is they are brittle and come in no particular shape. To use these materials effectively, you need to arrange them consciously on your oven. They can be used as the primary material to build the pizza or they can be used for the aesthetic value.

Sandstone can be used as the primary material in building the wall from the foundation to the pizza oven base. For this wall, the sandstones used can be of different shapes, however, you need to make sure they are uniformly arranged as to not protrude. For the pizza dome, sandstone might not come in handy, as a result, the majority uses of sand stone on the upper part of a pizza oven is to create a housing for the dome.

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