Forum / How to build a outdoor wood oven


To build an outdoor wood fired pizza oven is quite a straight forward process. All you need is to follow a number of processes and you are done. The first step is to build the foundation. The foundation anchors the outdoor pizza oven to the ground and it is made using wood, brick, stone and a number of those materials.

After the foundation, you need to make a concrete floor. The concrete floor simply bears the entire oven. On top of the concrete floor a sand bed is required for insulation purposes, after which the hearth is build using fire bricks. This is the floor of the oven and your cooking pizza is placed here. After the hearth the dome is next. The dome depends on the type of pizza oven you are building – igloo or barrel. Whichever it is, you will need framework for support, or simply sand filling. On top of the dome bricks, place an insulation the clad your pizza. After it dries, it is ready for the maiden cooking!

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