Forum / How long do you cook a pizza in a pizza oven


How long you cook your pizza depends on several factors. It includes the size of the pizza, the thickness of its crust, the weight of its toppings, and whether the pizza is frozen or your own made. In a regular oven, pizzas take between 8 and 15 minutes to bake. But in a wood fired pizza oven, it should only take one to two minutes to cook.

Wood fired pizza oven can reach the desired temperature of 370°C (700°F). This oven is designed in such a way that the entire pizza gets the heat very evenly and is also cooked at a very high temperature which can't be achieve by ordinary ovens. Because of that very high temperature, pizzas within purpose build pizza ovens only take 1 to 2 minutes to cook. But if the oven temperature is not uniform it is possible that one side of the pizza may burn before the others are done. So, periodically check that the pizza is cooking evenly and either rotate or move the pizza away from the hottest section.