Forum / How do you clean a pizza oven


Having a pizza oven is a major benefit, especially if you really love Italian cuisines. There are different types of pizza oven and all of them could be wood-fired or gas driven units. According to some, wood-fired ovens are mostly self-cleaning. Since its temperature is very high in cooking pizza, there is no traces of grease or fallen food to give you trouble once your cooking is done.

Regular cleaning is the only maintenance that an oven needs. Once that your oven is cold, you can use a rake to sweep the ash that has gathered to the center or to the sides, and carefully sweep it out of the oven. Once you have taken the ashes out of the unit, you need to store them properly, or yet again you will have to do more cleaning than necessary. You can either store the ashes and use them instead of salt in the winter to melt the ice, or you can throw them away. The chimney of the oven also need to be cleaned regularly and you might need to check for nests or other items stuck in it that may be hindering the passage of the heat through it. To keep your oven functioning properly, just clean it regularly and make sure the vents are clean with nothing stuck inside.